To Form Anew XXIV by Linda McCray, MFA
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 Linda McCray, Artist
Linda McCray, MFA

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“Where the spirit does not work
with the hand
there is no art.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to Montana Designs Unlimited, featuring art by Linda McCray, MFA

My passion is creating abstract spiritual original paintings that speak to others regardless of their traditions. Creating these paintings has led me to offer connecting services: art for collectors and sacred space; facilitating art-and-faith retreats and prayer services; traveling art exhibitions, designing art-and-environment; art consulting for sacred space; presenting at conferences and museums; teaching workshops; writing articles; publishing Liturgical Art Today and The Liturgical Artists Directory. For more information click Fine Art.

If you are interested in technical illustrations such as architectural renderings and graphic design for everything from logos to books click Commercial Art.

I hope to work closely with you on your next art endeavor,